Tactical Casualty Movement – An Evaluation

Tactical Casualty Movement – An Evaluation   Case study overview and Results Patient transport is a routine function of EMS and there are a wide variety of tools available on the market ranging from $20 carry sheets to $ 000 ’s Power Cots. As military teachings from the TCCC course is finding wider acceptance in […]

Hypothermia Management – Xtract™SR Heatsaver

Addressing the mechanisms of heat loss from the casualty as far forward as possible will ensure that valuable body heat is preserved and the risk from the ‘Lethal Triad’ is reduced.   Case study overview and Results We knew that Xtract Heatsaver is one of the best product in the market for Hypothermia Management….we just […]

Portable Blood And IV Fluid Warming System

°MEQU has developed an IV-blood warmer for emergency transfusions. It’s a portable fluid warmer which warms up blood from cold to body temperature within seconds. Fast set-up time and intuitive use The set-up time is less than 30 seconds, and the user-friendly design ensures that the °M Warmer System cannot be assembled incorrectly. High flow […]