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The Wounds in a box® series offers cost effective, compact solutions for skills training. Easy to transport, yet rugged enough for classroom or field use.

NTOA® Member Tested and Recommended

The Gunshot in a Box™ task trainer simulates a gunshot to soft-tissue, used to instruct students in proper wound packing technique. The representative skin and tissue of the PTT-B01 is constructed of high quality silicone rubber, with layers of coloration that provide a depth and realism to the product. The PATENTED construction with SOFTTECH® materials a realistic feel, and is very durable and UV resistant. Blood tubing is integrated into the construction to easily create simulated blood flow. The task trainer is contained in its own storage case. Bleeding systems sold separately.

The PTT-B01 can be connected to a SKEDCO® FEBSS or bleeding system to provide simulated blood flow that responds to pressure when properly packed. The soft material and patented design provide a realistic feel, and an enhanced training experience.



The simulation should be flushed with clean water at the end of use to clean out the simulated blood lines. The device should be rinsed in clean, warm water and allowed to dry before storage. The
simulation may be removed from the storage case for cleaning. The device may be washed with mild detergents like dish soap or cleaned with a disinfecting agent like isopropyl alcohol or a diluted bleach solution, as it is durable, and chemically resistant. Allow the device to dry fully before storage to prevent mold or mildew growth.