Addressing the mechanisms of heat loss from the casualty as far forward as possible will ensure that valuable body heat is preserved and the risk from the ‘Lethal Triad’ is reduced.

Case study overview and Results

We knew that Xtract Heatsaver is one of the best product in the market for Hypothermia Management….we just needed to prove it.

Two most common hypothermia management products has been taken to test against Xtract Heatsaver: FOIL blanket and HPMK.

Room temperature set -2°C and body temperature 35°C treated as danger zone.

Everything has been overlooked by registered doctors and paramedics for the own casualty safe and this case study.

Male with t-shirt and shorts spend time in a room until his body temperature reached 35°C. First, we tested Foil blanket. We cover casualty with foil blanket and his body temperature were still decreasing. 30min after casualty spend covered in foil blanket, his body temperature were 34.7°C. 50min later his body temperature started to rise slowly.

It took 1h and 10min being in a foil blanket to go over 35°C body temperature and the casualty finally could feel the warmth.


Second on our list was HPMK. Same casualty and same room conditions. But results are very interesting. When casualty’s body temperature gone below 35°C. We placed him in HPMK. His body temperature were still decreasing during the first 10min and reached 34.3°C. Then, we saw small increase to 34.7°C and shortly after the body temperature shoot right to the top of 35.2°C. We all though this was great, however, 15min later, suddenly his body temperature dropped back to 34.7°C. This is because HPMK could not safe and keep the heat inside the casualty and was loosing from the top and the bottom.

At this point, doctor decided to stop the experiment as the casualty were in a real danger!

We insisted doctor to put the casualty in to Xtract™SR Heatsaver at that point, and this is where we prove that Xtract™SR Heatsaver is the best!

Casualty’s body temperature started to rise at the same minute he was placed in Xtract™SR Heatsaver. From the 34.7°C to 35.1°C just in 15min! After another 15min, casualty’s body temperature were 35.8°C and finally he reached his normal body temperature 36.5°C short after.

This was a really great case study and only Xtract™SR Heatsaver should be used to manage Hypothermia based on the outcomes we received.

Xtract™SR Heatsaver in cold room testing
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