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The iTClamp® is now CoTCCC Recommended. For external hemorrhage of the head and neck where the wound edges can be easily reapproximated, the iTClamp® may be used as the primary option for hemorrhage control.

The iTClamp® by Innovative Trauma Care® represents the latest advance in battlefield hemorrhage control − the leading cause of preventable combat death. For self-aid or buddy-aid, it is an intuitive, easy to apply, combat-ready wound closure device that controls severe bleeding within seconds of application during “care under fire”.

Virtually painless, the iTClamp® seals the wound, creating localized, hands-free pressure that quickly forms a stable clot and prevents further blood loss. Localized pressure remains the simplest, time-tested way to control severe hemorrhage. Application of the iTClamp® is intuitive and with minimal training every medical responder can instantly treat life threatening hemorrhage not amenable to a tourniquet.

No comparable product exists for “care under fire” or any situations where a tourniquet is not applicable. The iTClamp® is easy-to-use and can be applied in seconds with a one-handed squeeze application.

What makes the iTClamp different?:

Fast: Applied in 10 seconds or less, published pre-clinical studies demonstrate the iTClamp® has a greater than 90% first try application success factor, with the lowest Mean Estimated Blood loss (120cc)1, and the longest Mean Survival Time (>180 minutes)1.

Versatile: FDA-cleared for extremity, axillary, inguinal, scalp and neck wounds. The primary battlefield advantage is the ability to immediately confirm effective placement and rapidly readjust as required. If required, re-adjustment takes only seconds and allows the provider to confirm effective treatment before attending to other life threatening injuries or preparing for evacuation.

Effective: 100% survival in lethal groin injury model.The iTClamp® is limited to wounds where skin edges can be approximated and only works in compressible areas of the body. Tourniquets are still required for amputations and hemostatic agents may still be needed to pack wounds with large cavities. The iTClamp® might not be the only device used to treat a wounded casualty but, in many cases, it should be the first one considered.



  • Fast: Applied in 10 seconds or less1
  • Versatile: Stops bleeding in all compressible sites
  • Effective: 100% survival in lethal groin injury model2

Product attributes

  • FDA-cleared to stops extremity, axillary or inguinal bleeding in seconds
  • The only non-tourniquet hemostatic device intended for care under fire
  • One handed application
  • Simple to adjust placement as required
  • Clamp mechanism does not occlude distal perfusion as with most tourniquets
  • Light, portable and accessible

Clinical Benefits

  • Application effectiveness:
    • Applied in 10 seconds or less1
    • Greater than 90% first try application success
    • Versatile in treating many compressible treatment sites
    • Minimal pain: Rated a 1 on a pain scale from 1- 10
    • No distal neurovascular impairment
  • Minimizes scene times:
    • Easy application during mobile casualty evacuation (i.e. ambulance or helicopter)
    • Eliminates 3 minutes of manual pressure after wound packing
    • Perfect adjunct for packing hemostatic gauze and can be applied over most clothing
    • Controls hemorrhage in a stable and/or coagulopathic patient
  • Creates force multiplier effect:
    • Can be applied during initial assessments in mass casualty triage
    • Frees up medic’s hands to attend to other casualties


  • FDA 510k Clearance
  • Sterile / Single patient use
  • CoTCCC Recommended
  • 6-year shelf life
  • Specifications:
    • Packaged: 2.24”W x 1.98”H x 1.13”D
    • Weight: 1.1 oz
    • Medical grade polycarbonate and 304 stainless steel
  • 100% USA Sourced, Manufactured and Assembled