Made in the USA with TAA-compliant imported shears. CE-approved.

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When operating in the field, speed and stealth are essential to survival.  RIPSHEARS RS-2G maintains a low profile with our line of high-quality 420J surgical stainless steel shears bonded with a black Titanium Carbon Nitride (TiCN) coating. Ideal for those operating in urban, maritime, or other austere environments.

RIPSHEARS will easily slice through multiple layers of clothing, denim, leather, neoprene wetsuits, aramid textiles (Nomex, Kevlar, etc.), Chemical Biological and Radiological Nuclear suits (CBRN), bandages, sports wraps, plastic packaging, seat belts, tactical nylon webbing, and much more! The RS-2 Ripper unit features an integrated O2 wrench, stainless steel hardware, and our proprietary, user-replaceable DLC-coated 440A stainless steel razor blades.