Xtract™SR Heatsaver


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It is a major advancement in improving overall patient care in complex environments. This unique product tackles all the causes of heat loss in the seriously injured casualty within an acceptable size and weight bracket.

The patent-pending design includes sculpted insulation panels that maximise thermal efficiency around the body’s core allowing us to produce a product of minimal size and weight without compromising efficiency.

• Improves heat retention
• Increases casualty comfort
• Enhances protection from the
cold environment.
• Easy access to the patient for
ongoing assessment and treatment


Product Dimensions Deployed Dimensions Packed Dimensions Inflated
Xtract™SR Heatseal 2150 x 870mm Packed in Deployer N/A
Xtract™SR Insulate 2446 x 606mm (not inflated) 280 x 120 x 8mm 2170 x 540 x 200mm
Xtract™SR EPS 1760 x 1050mm 320 x 120mm N/A
Xtract™SR Deployer 910 x 420mm 420 x 200 x 200mm N/A


Xtract™SR Deployer closed:

Xtract™SR Deployer closed


Xtract™SR Deployer open:


Xtract™SR Insulate:


Xtract™SR Heatseal:


Xtract™SR EPS: