Military SmartTriage™

Vehicle based kits
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Primary triage, rapid life-saving interventions and accurate communication are vital in military situations to ensure the maximum number of survivors from a multiple casualty incident.

The Military SmartTriage™ Pack and Military SmartTriage™ Tri Pack are designed to be deployed by the first medical vehicles arriving on-scene and provide all the equipment needed to deliver the core tasks at level one of an incident. The Military SmartTriage™ Tri Pack also provides space to carry life-saving treatment equipment.

In use with multiple militaries worldwide, our solutions have proven time and time again that correctly configured equipment, available where needed, provides a significant advantage to your organisation when tasked with successfully dealing with a multiple casualty event.



Product Dimensions
Military SmartTriage™
230 x 180 x 110mm
Military SmartTriage™
Tri Pack
380 x 230 x 100mm